Our community's future

I will speak the truth about what is going on; I am not scared to talk about the hard issues, and together, I’m very confident that we can come to solutions for today and have value in the future. As your County Councilor, I will fight tirelessly to lead our ward's economy into an era of robust growth and stability so our families can stay here and succeed here.


We have an infrastructure deficit. 28% of every dollar spent goes to roads. Last year our capital spending was $31 million on roads, $25 million on buildings and $13 million in vehicles and equipment. A priority for me on council will be to ensure we address the deficit and that we still have the reserve savings for end of life repair and replacement. I will also continue the work towards providing quality rural internet services at public spaces and homes.


The last two years have been financially difficult for everyone in all sectors of industry, all levels of government and very hard on our communities. The costs and the effects are not over; we must be on the watch for secondary effects or the aftermath of the past two years. We must keep close watch on our current projects and plan our future projects based on needs and longevity. I will work very hard with council to get the most out of our tax dollars.


I will strive to be engaged with all people, clubs, associations, organizations, service groups and businesses in our community. I will engage with our youth. Many members of our service clubs and of the agriculture industry are reaching retirement. I feel we need to educate our youth to continue the incredible work that has been done over the years. It is very important to know and care for the needs of those who built the amazing rural community we live in. Let’s inspire the movers, shakers and dreamers – the people who are engaged and working hard to make our community stronger.